Candidates for Membership

Assistance is provided to institutions located in Eastern European countries that have been accepted into EAZA’s Candidate for Membership programme. The Technical Assistance Committee focuses on their standards of animal welfare and zoo management, encouraging the sharing of knowledge between zoos and providing practical support and advice for improvements. They also encourage the members of these institutions to participate in seminars and conferences and to run workshops within their region to improve their level of traning and to facilitate the transmission of information and the sharing of advice and knowledge between experts and to improve networking between institutions. For more details about these workshops, please visit the workshop page.

The following institutions are enrolled as Candidates for Membership:

Almaty Zoological Park Almaty Zoo Almaty, Kazakhstan
 Brasov Zoo
Brasov Zoo Brașov, Romania
 Kaliningrad Zoo
Kaliningrad Zoo Kaliningrad, Russia
 Lithuanian Zoo
Lithuanian Zoo Kaunas, Lithuania
 Feldman Ecopark Feldman Ecopark Kharkov, Ukraine
 Kharkov Zoo Kharkov Zoo Kharkov, Ukraine
 Kiev Zoo Kiev Zoo Kiev, Ukraine
 Nikolaev Zoo Nikolaev Zoo Nikolaev, Ukraine
 Novosibirsk Zoological Park Novosibirsk Zoo Novosibirsk, Russia
 Osijek Zoo Osijek Zoo Osijek, Croatia
 Zoo Palic Palic Zoo Palić, Serbia
 Qalqilya Zoo Qalqilia Zoo Qalqilia, Palestine
 Sarajevo Zoo Sarajevo Zoo Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Skopje Zoo Skopje Zoo Skopje, Macedonia
 Sofia Zoo Sofia Zoo Sofia, Bulgaria
 Leningrad Zoo Leningrad Zoo St Petersburg, Russia
 Tblisi Zoo Tbilisi Zoo Tbilisi, Georgia
 Tirgu-Mures Zoo Tirgu-Mures Zoo Tîrgu-Mureș, Romania
 Yerevan Zoo Yerevan Zoo Yerevan, Armenia

For information on the Technical Assistance Committee or applying for Candidate for Membership, please contact Sofieke Bouwman.